WEC Carolina Energy Solutions


WEC Carolina Energy Solutions is known for our welding expertise. Our management team comes with a strong welding background, and our greatest strength is in the accumulated welding knowledge and various conditions we've worked through from the mid 1970’s until today.

With a full inventory of orbital GTAW, FCAW and GMAW equipment, we can handle any orbital welding job. We have in-house procedures that cover the majority of welding processes normally seen in the installation of new components or the repair of existing systems. In addition to our orbital welding capabilities, WEC Carolina Energy Solutions offers a full compliment of manual welding processes.  So whether you’re a larger company seeking help on a big project or a plant in need of a turnkey boiler tube or piping installation, we can deliver a customized solution to meet your needs.
We are the leader in the welding of exotic materials such as: P91, P92, and Super Duplex Stainless utilizing custom orbital welding equipment.


Compliant ASME Section IX Welding Program:

  • Welding Control Procedures
  • General Welding Standards
  • Welding Procedure Specifications and Supporting Procedure
  • Qualification Records
  • Welder/Operator Qualification
  • Welding Engineering Support for Procedure Design and Development

CES ASME and National Board Inspection Code Stamps:

  • "NA" Authorizes CES to do shop assembly and field installations at various locations accredited by ASME.
  • "NPT" Authorizes CES to fabricate without design responsibility and supply ferrous and nonferrous materials from CES.